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What is Free Radicals?

Recent research, found that in fact the progress of aging and occurrence of illnesses are related to a common factor; that factor is “Active Oxygen” or “Free Radicals”.

Free Radicals is a form of oxygen; unlike to normal oxygen we absorb by breathing because active oxygen has a very unstable structure that causes it to bond quickly to other substances and causing those substances to degenerate.  This reaction is called ‘OXIDATION’.

When such oxidation reactions are repeated in the human body, they become a key factor promoting aging and causing illnesses (cancer, diabetes, heart disease).

Where could we find “Free Radicals”?

Living in modern society changes lifestyle, create illnesses by Free Radicals which occur rapidly.  Stress, Ultraviolet light, pollution including vehicle exhaust emissions from automobiles, oxidizing food for bodies’ energy etc.,  naturally our body create anti-oxidant but more age; less creation which means that it is not enough to eliminate free Radicals.  This causes all cell weak which could be more or less depending on how we take care of our health, for example people who always work in stress condition and neglect to their health, will look more age; on the contrary an active old man, more age look younger.  

Our bodies use Free Radicals to resist Bacteria, virus which impact our cell but when we produce more than a certain amount, the target of free radicals’ attack turns on the body’s own tissues and organs.  Free Radicals seem to be the “double-edged sword” produced in our bodies. have too much Free Radicals; it harms   and gases from chemical plantsto extend life and enhance well-being vary greatly

Our body naturally create Anti-oxidant and decrease when age increase so we do not have enough anti-oxidant to fight oxidation!

We do need anti-oxidant from our daily food like eating fishes .shells. vegetables, fruits or any kinds of supplement in the market as grape seed extract, green tea extract, beta-carotene, Coenzymn Q10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Anti-oxidant is a necessity which could help protecting and delaying all infections including anti-aging. We should pay more attention in taking nutrient in our daily life especially one which is useful to our system and high active in anti-oxidant, also help balancing our system to be in Good Health.

Technology and progress of modern day help facilitating human lives more convenience but don’t you think why people illness and death still increase!

Record of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and several diseases are still high evidence of human illness though these were not happened by infection but main point is that their life-balanced had been destroyed.

What is the root cause destroying human life-balanced?

Among the modern day life with many facilities, people are still facing health problem as their work life, time as well as pollution environment.

Working people, mostly are in a hurry life, eating instant noodles; get up early to avoid traffic jam and arrive home quite late. All these factors created stress, panic, and less relax which cause immune system disorder, illness then we all concentrate at the end by taking pills/ medicines which had side effect by incidental.

In fact, human body is a miracle which natural built automatically self care system for life-balanced. Whenever we felt disorder with our part, if our balance is still workable then we will recover soon, only in case that it is more than our balance; infection will be affected then we felt sick. Free radicals/ active oxygen in our body causes cells weaken and this reaction called oxidation.

Free radicals/ active oxygen is a factor causing several diseases such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and disorder cells. We could receive free radicals/ active oxygen from pollution, dust, smoke, exhaust from vehicles or industries, Ultra violet from sunlight including daily grilled food , preserved food, fried food which was fried from used oil, few type of medicines; also stress from daily work lives. All these urge free radical/ active oxygen and oxidation impact direct to health.

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